Application of polymers: This process is the application of a polymer (rubber-like) and in situ spray. The modern method of application is based on a process of low pressure spraying with material transport pneumatically controlled.

By caulking gun, the two-component coating directly from the cartridge, automatically dosed accurately, and powdered mixed extract. Similarly to a spray bottle dispense only the required amount of material. The process very similar to the paint application despite not contains solvents. Our manufacturer supplier has a record to Lloyd's Register


The application of this polymer improves the resistance to abrasion, erosion, cavitation, oxidation caused by sea water, chemicals, wear, friction, besides favoring the sliding or slip, by high permanent elasticity allows the absorption of impacts without damage.

Some of their applications for repair and / or wear protection are surface finishing equipment, rotors, pump housings, robot parts, accessories for automation, driver vibrators, hydraulic turbines, blasting equipment, conveyors Worm , roll, rolls, drums screening, filtering equipment, tanks, propellers, fans and commercial vehicles, floats, valves, inclined chutes, conveyors biomass, pipe elbows, flanges, vibratory feeders, transport parts, mixers , cyclones, separators, load levers, special tools, sensors, conveyor belts, etc.


  1. Mining
  2. Agriculture
  3. Chemical Industry
  4. Oil
  5. Automation
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Power
  8. Hygiene
  9. Construction
  10. Paper / Wood / Glass
  11. Aeronautics
  12. Nautical / Offshore
  13. Textiles

Application Example Polymer

Application of polymer thick seamless, wear-resistant, durable application of approximately 15 mm.

Application of coating a cooling pumps brass (Ships) tugboat.

Coating application and thruster nozzles in tugboat.

Application of coating a cooling pumps brass (Ships).

Covering the inside of a case of an industrial pump approx. 2 MM.

Submersibles pumps covering all components in contact with sewage, chemicals, sea water, ETC.

Conveyors coatings to increase resistance to wear and increase the lifetime.

Coating application area is loading truck and areas of action excavators.

No slip-resistant coating application seamless pinch rollers of the textile industry.

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