About us

We are a company with experience in the field of reconstruction and assembly of diesel marine engine , Industrial, generation and application engines.

We have the capacity to handle services for crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks in addition to a specialized turbochargers and one more injection systems services laboratory.

The technical staff is trained with experience in the assembly of engines brands CAT, Detroit Diesel, MTU and CUMMINS also other brands of American and European motors in mechanical and / or electronic systems such as MAN, WARTSILA, MAK, SULZER, ETC.

We also have two dynamometers for testing to the highest quality standards to meet the optimal operation of our repairs and to provide security services. The first of our operating dynamometers accommodates engine from 100 HP to 1000 HP and a second dynamometer with technology capable of handling up to 3500 HP engines.

Our services range from minor maintenance to major repairs in addition to addressing complex fault diagnosis. We have coverage for working in shop and field services including offshore.

We have a stock of spare parts for various makes of engines as well as engines in stock ready for delivery.

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Our Engines have the Quality and Functionality necesary for any of their ships.